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In search of the right one Beginner Keyboard? Then you will definitely find something here. Finally, the instruments are intended for quick entry. Let the tests in the following button convince you.

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The top models among the keyboards for beginners

The world of keyboards, pianos, electric pianos is very extensive. Here on the page, the focus is placed primarily on entry-level models, taking a closer look at the learning systems. Among other things, these models have been convincing throughout the tests:

Selected models at a glance rating
Yamaha P-45B Digital PianoYamaha P-45B

available here

8,7 from 10
Recommendation Digital Piano


Yamaha PSR-E453Yamaha PSR-E453

available here

8,7 from 10
Test winner among the keyboards


Yamaha NP-12BYamaha NP-12B

available here

8,2 from 10
inexpensive digital piano alternative with 61 buttons


Alesis Recital Digital Piano

Alesis digital piano recital

available here

8,1 from 10
inexpensive digital piano with 88 buttons


Casio LK-280

Casio LK-280 keyboard

available here

8,3 from 10
Recommendation illuminated keyskeyboard


Casio LK-265
Casio LK-Keyboard

available here

8,2 from 10

LK Keyboard with Dance Music Patterns and Chordana App


Yamaha EZ-220Yamaha EZ-220

available here

popular model among the light keyboards


First of all: Of course, keyboards for beginners do not replace the practice of piano pieces. After all, an expensive piano has a different timbre and dynamics than an electronic device. But if you're passionate about having to play well-known songs in piano, you might find your enthusiasm in one or the other beginner keyboard for beginners.

The top recommendation among the keyboards

Yamaha PSR-E453-in-use

The Yamaha PSR-E453 Instrument has received the best ratings in the comparison test. It offers a wide range of features to excellent quality, innovative features for creating sound mixes and a lot of experimentation. Also the successor model Yamaha PSR-E463 is a class in itself and one of the top recommendations.

Top recommendations in the field of digital pianos

Yamaha P-45B GHS

In this price range, no digital piano comes in terms of quality: the Yamaha NP-45b offers excellent sound quality and you can see it as a real alternative to the piano. If you want to learn piano songs in the classical way, you should try this instrument. But also the cheap Alesis Recital Digital Piano with 88 buttons as well as the slim version of the Yamaha NP-12B with 61 buttons would be a good choice for getting started.

Luminous Keys Recommendations for beginners


For beginners and beginners who want to immerse themselves in the music world on the fly! The illuminated keyboard LK-280 from Casio convinced thanks to the gradually built learning systems. At this price you will receive a beginner keyboard with an excellent tutorial system and a large scope of services.
Also very interesting in the field of keyboards is the model Casio LK-265 with built-in Music Dance Patterns and the link to the Chordana app. Also with the Yamaha EZ-220 a light keyboard is offered to give newcomers the joy of music. Because the feedback systems, the manageable system and the compatibility with external devices such as iPad are good reasons to take a closer look at the model!

The cheap purchase recommendation

For almost 200 Euro no keyboard on the market performs such a performance! The Yamaha PSR-E353 offers a surprisingly good sound quality, a great tutorial system, experimentation with the numerous functions and much more!

What are the characteristics of a home keyboard

Of course, there are differences in the range of functions and in the quality of the timbre. However, if you orient yourself to the basic functions, the following features are a must on all keyboards for newcomers and are listed here briefly:

  • At least 61 keys must be given. Of course, plastic toys with buttons have less, but are an exception and can not be counted as a standard model.
  • Normal weight keys with touch dynamics are used on electronic instruments in keyboards. Digital pianos work with semi-weighted keys and were also featured here.
  • Features with a wide variety of timbres and rhythms: one of the most basic features are the outfits of instrumental sounds and rhythms.
  • Learning systems are the focus of the reviews. Which learning systems are used? Which music pedagogical value is expressed and are they compatible with the sound quality of the instrument?

Which keyboards are in focus

Anyone who has already dealt with electronic keyboard instruments, will have noticed already that there is a wide range of keyboard types. These are not geared to the right target group as well as the individual requirements. On accordingly different kinds of Keyboards for beginners are advanced and professionals listed.

Keyboards for children

The children's keyboards are aimed at aspiring pianists aged 2 years and over. It is mainly toy instruments that are very simple and user-friendly. From a pedagogical point of view, they are interesting for the kids. For the instruments introduce the kids to the world of music, promote hearing and arouse the curiosity about the music. As a rule, children's keyboards are a little less than 1 meters wide, transportable for toddlers! More information about keyboards for children can be found here.

Keyboards for under 100 Euro

In the list of keyboards are also keyboard models, which are available for under 100 Euro. Like the usual home keyboards, they also have some 61 buttons (sometimes even less) and also have an extensive set of functions and timbres. However, these keyboard models do not claim to meet the highest standards of quality, but rather are entry-level models with a simple structure to introduce the beginners to the world of music. Touch dynamics and tone color variations can not be expected here. More information about these models can be found here.

Illuminated keyboards

play keybord

Have you ever played keyboard without the knowledge of a note? Keyboards with integrated illuminated keys are checked here. It analyzes how the learning systems work in detail and what learning effect this has for the players. The system is roughly described quite simple. Built-in songs are replayed using illuminated buttons. Manual adjustments such as speed, step-by-step learning and play back and forth are typical and a variety of songs is already built-in. The illuminated key models are to be regarded as toy instruments and are aimed at the young budding pianists. But even for adults, the keyboards are a welcome change. More information about Leuchttastenkeybards's here.

High-quality entry-level keyboards for a maximum of 500 Euro

Yamaha PSR-E463

These are the focus of particular attention, because apart from the quality features such as sound quality, user-friendliness, the learning systems are also examined more closely. As a beginner you are usually spoiled for choice when buying and accordingly, a close look at the home keyboards can be very helpful here. Prerequisite for a good quality is the right mix of good sound quality, extensive functions, user-friendly operation, well-integrated learning functions with a good price / performance ratio. One must also remember that these keyboards are assigned in the entry price segment. More information about high-quality entry-level keyboards can be found here.

Advanced keyboard

Is an upgrade to the beginner keyboards desired? With the keyboards in the price range of the middle class in terms of sound quality and individual requirements, nothing to be desired. All of these models have their own unique features that set them apart from previous standard home keyboards. These models are aimed at the advanced players, at the semi-professionals and those who like to compose songs, store and fully enjoy the possibilities of the electronic music world. More information to There are middle-class keyboards here.

Digital pianos and electric pianos for beginners

Alesis digital piano recital

You want an alternative to the piano without a lot of bells and whistles, but you want to learn piano in the classical way? Then the digital pianos are just right for you. The tested models of the compact digital pianos are entry-level models and form a product group of the diverse world of digital pianos. As a rule, digital pianos have 88 buttons. However, models in a slimmer format with 76 and even with 61 buttons have also been highlighted here. More information about digital pianos and electric pianos can be found here.

Why is the keyboard ideal for entry?

Music is something that distinguishes people from robots, machines, high performance computers. Finally, with the feelings and passion for music, we develop an art that is characterized by timelessness and fascination. And exactly this passion should also be granted to newcomers. Who plays piano today without having to practice many expensive lessons with grades? And even those who do not have a piano at home should of course not be excluded from the music.
Between a cheap keyboard model, which is acquired for almost 40 Euro on the Internet and a high-class model for about 4000 Euro are worlds. Range of functions, sound quality and possibilities of the settings are different here. Exactly these aspects are considered in the respective comparison test. That's why I've searched for the reviews mostly models for the starting price and even found keyboards for under 100 Euro, which have proven themselves.

Extensive functions

Learning e-pianos is no longer a big hurdle these days, thanks to the variety of features and capabilities. And that's one of the main reasons why I recommend beginners to enter the world of keyboard instruments. The subject specializes only in entry-level models. Instruments of the middle class, expensive synthesizers or pianos step into the background here.

Different brands - large selection of keyboard models

The selection is particularly large. That's why's entry-level beginner keyboards are introduced to and put under scrutiny in the Keyboard Test. In addition to cheap music keyboards with automatic accompaniment, these also include illuminated keyboards, which have special characteristics for newcomers. The comparison test for the keyboards should also clearly show the differences between the instruments.

No time pressure with a beginner keyboard

No mentor, master or teacher has to tell you how to play the notes. But here you are free in scheduling and can play without pressure and learn with the respective keyboard. There are sensibly built-in rating systems. But the voice messages also give feedback on how good the performance was.

You can take keyboards anywhere

Have you ever taken a piano to a cafe, to friends, on vacation or anywhere? The devices are very light and ideal for mobile use. At events, small events or meetings with friends playing on the keyboard can be very entertaining. Time to compare: A high-quality keyboard like the Yamaha PSR-E433 weighs 7 kilos. A high-quality piano, on the other hand, easily weighs 200-300 kilos and more.

Advantages in terms of technical conditions

Keyboards offer piano pianos several technical options: These include speed variation, volume control (even after midnight can be played), step by step instructions, display and other musically useful settings of the styles, instrumental sounds. Consequently, in the Keyboard Test, the learning options are also considered under technical aspects and explain why these keyboards are a recommendation for beginners.

  • Modern keyboards can be connected to external devices: Connecting wirelessly to iPad, connecting to the PC, plugging in speaker boxes are just some of the many options. Of course, the models here differ in the test depending on the range of functions and price range. But such features make a good keyboard for beginners.
  • Intelligent tutorial systems: Thanks to the intelligent learning systems, songs can be learned as quickly as possible. Luminous keys Keyboards, for example, show exactly the right notes both when listening and when learning. Someone who teaches the notes themselves can immediately track the notes using the light keys on the keyboards.

Which accessories for keyboards are there?

The right entry-level keyboard includes the Accessories easy. Much of this does not have to be a must, but for an optimal learning environment, players should eliminate all negative factors. This includes the careful handling of the expensive instrument, including prevention of back pain and technical enhancements for a better sound experience! Which accessories are hard to do without is listed here.

Network connector

This is still an absurdity when keyboard models without mains plug included. This is annoying when you have to order the right entry-level keyboard cables, which requires even more patience and burdened the purse. In older keyboard models, it may well happen that they are missing. Usually, special cables are required for each keyboard brand. Unfortunately, a universal cable as a network cable does not exist here, even if the cables are compatible with several keyboard models. But inquire in the shops which cables the respective keyboard models need.

Keyboard stand and keyboard stool

Especially in terms of your health and your back, height-adjustable stands and stools are a must. When playing the piano you do not just play with your fingers. Many muscle groups are involved in the game, and the back muscles are not an isolated area from the other active muscle groups, of course, but work in close interaction.
To avoid back problems and poor posture, the correct posture is immensely important. The ideal seating position can only be achieved if the instrument is aligned accordingly. This is ensured by the keyboard stand and the stool on which you sit. Both must be tailored to your physical needs.


A normal piano may be in the range of the volume around the 80-90 db. For special pianos, values ​​have been measured via 100 db. You can easily turn the volume up and down on keyboards the way your ears feel best. In addition to the sound quality, of course, the quality and comfort is important.
With hours of exercises, it makes sense to take soft padded earphone headphones. They do not press so hard on the ears and still produce good sounds. And models for the 200 Euro are of course not bad. But in the area around the 40 Euro, some models can still be seen. Which quality criteria the players value, is up to them. The cheaper models are already enough for me.

Textbooks and learning materials

Although in many beginners keyboards Well thought-out learning systems are installed. But it does not work without music theory. Educational books provide the basics for beginners and, in addition to general practice principles, they also deal with special practice techniques. There are many learning books. But take a look at the tutorial Piano Crash Course by Hans-Günter Heumann from the year 2001, where many exercises with pictures are presented.
The learning materials include index cards with question-and-answer game, transparent stickers with notes for the keys.

Cover for keyboards

As soulful as you play on the instrument, so conscientiously should you maintain and protect your instrument. and by that I mean the protection against dust, liquids and other unpleasant particles. This is not handled differently with the piano and is done the same way with the keyboard as well. Among the accessories here are some selected products for the keyboards by number of keys and special features such as flexible stretch material taken into account.


To create the effect of a reverberation, some models allow linking to a sustain pedal. Especially for instruments with a high focus on sound quality such as digital pianos, which should be based on the timbre of piano sounds, these possibilities for ambitious players such as sophisticated classical music is more than just a supplement, but a must!

Stay up to date here

Over time, I test several models in the higher price segment. Because here I still have predominantly keyboards under 400 Euro tested, I hope there are enough incentives on this site to learn some great songs and become active on a musical level. And I would be glad, if you tell your experiences in the comments. I am also very open for new product recommendations, so I can take a closer look at the keyboard in the test. What you should consider when buying a beginner keyboard, you will learn here ! Did I convince you? Then it's best to test the instruments yourself. Study and practice diligently! Load yourself to be inspired by the music.
Small note yet: despite great care and transparent overview of the possibilities, advantages and disadvantages of entry-level keyboards, errors can not be completely excluded. If you notice that links are dead, the products are no longer sold, there are spelling and spelling errors, or technical data is incorrect, just let me know. The aim is to give you a good overview of good products and I am also pleased to receive feedback and comments.
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  1. Hallo,
    I want to add a keyboard to my 9 daughter. I read your reviews. Can it be that the Casio CTK 4200 now has a successor and the CTK 4400? If so, how is your rating? Thanks Agnes

    1. Hello Agnes,
      Thanks for the tip.
      Roughly speaking, the CTK-4400 is a small upgrade to its predecessor and the main functions are largely identical. That's why I would rate the model as well! But I will soon show a small comparison table between the two devices, to show the small differences times.

  2. Hey Khoa,
    Thanks for all the information on your page.
    We searched for a nephew keyboard for our nephew and decided on the Yamaha PSR-F50. It really is a great keyboard and is enough for his needs.
    What do you say to this? You also rated it with grade 2

    1. Hello Toni,
      This is a good choice for a no-frills entry-level keyboard, available for a relatively low price. Of course, I would have wished that the timbre and the quality of the quality are closer to the top models in the tests. But for 100 Euro you can not expect any miracles. I am sure that your nephew has a lot of fun on the keyboard and at some point the desire for an upgrade (digital piano, keyboards with excellent sound) is there.

  3. Hello Khoa,
    This site is very informative and eventually made me get a keyboard and start playing.
    After 2 months of quarreling, this site has persuaded me to do so
    Thank you very much
    Best regards

  4. Hi
    I am an absolute novice in playing a keyboard and reading notes and would like to get one anyway. Since my budget is just very high because early retirees I had thought to buy a used keyboard. My interest is that I might want to buy a larger keyboard because I later (maybe) want to play more and more versatile. But I also want a really realistic, true-to-original range of various music instruments but they also have more "influence" to be able. If necessary, I would like to import / save additional instruments.
    But I also want to connect it to my amplifier via USB / jack / midi to my PC (s) in order to be able to save music / arrangements and / or mix them.
    My musical interests are very versatile in terms of genres. Sometimes I like techno or house, sometimes disco or pop, sometimes pop or classic ...
    As you read I would like to have a very versatile keyboard but also suitable for beginners.
    Can someone give me a tip and what experiences have you made with the individual keyboards that you use yourself?
    Many many thanks

    1. Hi Michael,
      Maybe the PSR models from the Yamaha brand, especially the Yamaha PSR-E443 or the successor models would be something for you. The sound quality can be heard, in terms of experimentation you can start, save and customize your own compositions. I would recommend the new Yamaha models with apps like Skoove or Flowkey (cf. s) to try. Because then models like the Piaggero series with Yamaha's NP-V60 and its 76 buttons would come into question. If you want to learn to play songs without much effort, a lighted-key instrument might be an option!
      Take a look at the models in the test overview. Coming soon will be more interesting keyboards that are even more affordable! If you have any questions, you can always contact me.

    1. Thank you thank you! Of course, the low-priced quality models are examined here rather, which appeal to the target group of beginners due to the integrated tutorial systems or through meaningful connection with learning systems. But what is recommended for beginners does not have to be a bad experience for professionals with a piano experience. Hope the site inspires people to music.

  5. Hello Blogger,
    it is always good to read other reports and tests. Nice that there is something like that. At the moment I am working on keyboard and keyboard tests and have also researched what is available. Just click on my name ???? You can always exchange and complement each other.
    LG Miró

  6. I ordered the PSR-F51 keyboard from Yamaha today to be able to use it anywhere on the go, because it's easy, battery-powered, no-frills, easy to use. The sound is also fine for the price. In this way, I can use it to do sound experiments in the wild and to improvise over new chord connections. Ideal for practicing in between. So I do not need to constantly carry my heavy, big keyboard and stay in training. Also for advanced beginners good and cheap.

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